LW Marketworks

Working with veterinary practices around the US.
Based in southeast Michigan.


1. Opportunities for practice growth
Avoid barking up the wrong tree

2. Client segmentation
Know WHO you are sniffing at

3. Understand pet owners
Get them eating out of your hand

4. Create meaningful value
Mark your territory

The biggest marketing mistake that a practice can make is trying to be everything to everybody.  The practice that knows and understands its targets is able to connect  in a way that's meaningful to the target.
– Linda Wasche, president, LW Marketworks, inc.

Marketing is all about creating and delivering meaningful value that customers can not easily get elsewhere. Marketing is the BRIDGE between the veterinary practice and the pet owner.  Its job is to better understand and anticipate pet owner needs so that the practice can provide a compelling reason to go there and, even more importantly, to go back.

Fundamentals of practice marketing:

1.  Pet owner segmentation

Pets in front of a white backgroundPet owners -- and pets --  are not all the same.  They have different needs representing OPPORTUNITIES for the practice.  A "one-size fits all" approach that tries to reach everyone fails to capture the attention and interest of pet owners who have a world of information at their fingertips.

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2.  Creating and delivering value (what is valuable to THEM?) 

Jack Russel Terrier puppy with a big bone - Stock Image: 12875494Creating and delivering value is difficult if you don't know your target.   Understanding the needs and frustrations of the target is essential to developing ways to delver value - whether its through new services and programs -- or delivered via proactive client outreach. 

What's New?

  • Linda Wasche just returned from the International Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Association conference in San Diego where she spoke on “Using Hospice as a Practice Differentiation Tool.”
    If you would like a pdf of the presentation, contact Linda at .
  • Linda Wasche just completed handling all communications for the acquisition of a national company. Contact her at if you would like to talk about proactive stakeholder communication during a merger or acquisition.
  • Contact us to schedule a marketing presentation at your practice.

What practice marketing IS and is NOT

Practice marketing IS:

  • Identifying opportunities to create and deliver value
  • Targeting pet owners with the greatest need for services
  • ELEVATING the importance of veterinary care
  • ENGAGING pet owners with CONTENT that is RELEVANT and MEANINGFUL
  • Equipping clients to be your PARTNERS in their pet's care 
Practice marketing is NOT:
  • Specials sales and offers - these are short-term promotions
  • Social media -- this is a single CHANNEL that, if used effectively, can help target pet owners as part of a marketing program
  • Trying to get ANY new pet owners in the door.  

We can help your practice with:


  • Market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market segmentation


  • Marketing goals and objectives
  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing plan development
  • Results measurement


  • Client analysis
  • Client communication
  • Referral stimulation
  • Client segmentation / niche development
  • Client satisfaction
  • On-line reviews


  • Referring DVMs (specialty practices)
  • Local influencers (all practices)


  • Practice positioning
  • Practice market leadership
  • Facility appearance
  • Identity elements


  • Mystery shops (phone and on-site)
  • Service development
  • Service delivery


  • Social media content
  • Website content
  • Client education / information
  • Internal communication
  • Value added information


  • Publicity / media relations
  • Events planning
  • New client attraction
  • Cause marketing
  • Community collaborations


  • Pricing strategies
  • Price communication